The realization for investors that assets might be lost is cumbersome. Market risk and credit risk are common practice but conduct by financial intermediaries resembles different hazards. These hazards are furthered by a strong focus on upward potential, instead of downward risk, amplified by a mismatch between the aforementioned conduct risk and the best interest of the customer. When fraud is involved in the downgrade or deprivation of an investment, fund recovery gets a different character.

In a global setting, return on investment is maximized by an efficient optimization of resources. The result is that financial intermediaries and other advisors utilize both the upside and downside of internationalization. Regulatory arbitrage and differences in legal approaches potentially create difficulties for investment fund recovery. Legal Floris LLC therefore investigates all possible routes for return of invested funds to victims of fraud. This often leads to a staged repayment that due to the complexity of international corporate structures may take some time.

Over the years Legal Floris LLC worked for creditors who became victim in complex and cross-border bank failure, investment fraud and related scams. Legal action and intervention by the courts may require local representation. Therefore, collaboration is sought with legal professionals on location to ensure effective and efficient recovery procedures. These procedures include out of court settlements, traditional insurance claims and legal action in the best interest of the represented creditors.

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