Legal Floris LLC

Society relies on economic growth. The result is that individuals and corporations constantly seek opportunities to manage and grow their wealth. A biased focus for positive returns may undervalue the possibility for depreciation and even fraud. Legal Floris LLC helps creditors who feel wronged to minimize their losses and prevent mishaps from happening in the future.

Investors can become victim of unprecedented opaque financial schemes, including fraud. Financial intermediaries who stop making payments to their clients or illicit investment funds that turn silent may be reactivated by soft legal pressure. Most investment contracts are based on contract law and the law of agency. Insufficient responses to return the initial investment may conflict with the investment agreement. As such, it is wise to scrutinize the contract and determine the appropriate response to the investment firm and avoid complications.

Over the years, Legal Floris LLC helped hundreds of investors, both private and corporate, affected by offshore bank failure and investment fraud to receive repayments. Our holistic approach to asset and fund recovery allows for cross border collections where fraudsters are fought in a civil and criminal way. Criminal proceedings are run by regulators and governments, where civil parties can join in the collection. The combination of criminal and civil action, including the available safety nets like deposit and investor protection allow for staged repayment and should be considered in all the recovery processes.

Legal Floris LLC groups creditors to ensure efficiency in the different recovery procedures. Group claims allow for synergy and an optimal way to use the available resources. As such, recovery takes place in an isolated and staged, and thus effective route to investment fund recovery. Creditors who feel wronged and other victims of potential investment fraud can contact us for a free consult and determine the feasibility of individual or collective action.